Specialist in support

Specialist in support

Having been in the Photographic, and videocentric industry for over 15 years, and having staff who themselves are photographers, and vloggers.

We find we are the best placed to be able to offer specialist advice no matter what your question may be from lighting to back drops, from stands to gimbals, we have you covered.

Our helpful trained staff are ready to assist, and to direct you in your next purchase.

A specialist in support at Lencarta would likely be someone who provides technical assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance to customers who use Lencarta products. Lencarta is a UK-based company known for manufacturing photographic lighting equipment such as studio lights, flash heads, and accessories for photographers.

As a specialist in support at Lencarta, typical responsibilities might include:

  1. Assisting customers with inquiries related to product features, specifications, and usage.
  2. Troubleshooting technical issues with Lencarta equipment, both hardware, and software.
  3. Providing guidance on setup, calibration, and maintenance of Lencarta products.
  4. Handling customer complaints and ensuring timely resolution to maintain customer satisfaction.
  5. Collaborating with other teams such as sales, engineering, and product development to address customer needs and concerns.
  6. Documenting support interactions, including resolutions and product feedback, for future reference and improvement.

Overall, the specialist in support plays a crucial role in ensuring that customers have a positive experience with Lencarta products and receive prompt assistance whenever they encounter issues or have questions.